hackageDB :: [Package]

Note: uploads are now disabled on the old Hackage due to the switch over to Hackage 2.

About HackageDB

HackageDB (or just Hackage) is a collection of releases of Haskell packages. Each package is in the Cabal format, a standard way of packaging Haskell source code that makes it easy to build and install. These pages are a basic web interface to the Hackage package database.

Finding packages

The Packages link above lists the available packages and provides a full text search of the package pages (via Google), while What's new lists recent additions (also available as an RSS feed). Hayoo! provides an API search.

See How to install a Cabal package for instructions on installing the packages you find here.

You can report any problems with a package to the address given in the Bug-Reports or Maintainer field of its .cabal file.

Releasing packages through HackageDB

To upload your own releases, you'll first need to package them as Cabal source packages. See How to create a Haskell package for a tutorial. You can check and upload your package using the Upload link above, though to upload packages you'll need a HackageDB username and password (see User accounts).

Getting the raw data


This version (Hackage 1) has been in maintenance mode since the announcement in 2008 of an impending new version (Hackage 2). The new server, mirroring the Hackage 1 data, has been available for beta testing at http://beta.hackage.haskell.org/ since September 2013. The graph below summarizes the history of the two versions: